Promote Your Site – 25 Tips

So, you’ve set up your website or blog, or had someone do it for you. Check!

(If not, click here to begin your WordPress Setup – 10 Steps to Blogging Profits.)

You’re adding great content to it several times a week. Check!

You’ve not only created content on your site for people, you’ve made sure each page was search engine optimized. Check!

Traffic is beginning to flow to your site at a satisfying pace. Check!


You may not need to promote your site. If you’re focusing on the right keyword, on-page SEO may be all you need to get the traffic you want to your website or blog.

And you may not want to promote your site. Some people aren’t concerned with getting a large audience. My daughter has a blog and is very content with her family and friends seeing it.

BUT, if you’re working online from home and are blogging for profit, you might want to take some steps to bring more visitors. I haven’t created an exhaustive list of ways to promote your site. However, if you’ve done some good keyword research and you’re promoting a word phrase with good traffic but relatively low competition, the 25 tips I provide are probably more than you need. You just need to fill in the form with your email address to get free access to the list.

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