What is a PopUp Domination Opt In Form?

PopUp Domination gives you a way to create an opt in form on your website. It is designed to create popup squeeze pages that encourage website visitors to join your mailing list.

(NOTES: If you haven’t yet set up a money-making blog with WordPress, check out WordPress Setup – Ten Steps to Blogging Profits.

I’m assuming you understand the value of building an email marketing list. If you’re still unsure about that, you might want to first read, Opt In Form | Build Your List.

Also note that this is a review.)

Keep reading for my detailed review, or you can go ahead and click here to see a DEMO of how PopUp Domination works.

PopUpDomination offers two versions. One is a WordPress plugin, which is useful if you use WordPress, of course. However, there is also a stand alone version, which is great if you have a website that is not created with WordPress. The software is currently selling for $47 for a limited time for a license for ONE WordPress blog. For an additional $37 you get access to licenses for more than one site. For those who wish to put it on websites you give away or sell, you’ll want the developer’s license for $197. The software also comes with “Optin Domination” which allows you to put an optin box directly on your website. (IMPORTANT: You need to be running WordPress 3.0+ and you cannot be using the hosted WordPress.com solution.)

Michael Dunlop, the software creator, also offers two optional upgrades:

  1. entrance into the “theme club” which will get you 3 or more new themes per month
  2. an optional lifetime membership into the PopUp Domination community. The community provides the following advantages:
  • 3 or more new themes per month plus the ability to upload your own background theme
  • Access to priority support
  • 50% off all future products
  • A 40-minute training video

Initially I had a problem getting the plugin to work. You have to input your ClickBank order number to get the plugin activated and I received a message that my order number wasn’t valid. So, off I sent an email to support to see what could be done. After 24 hours I still had not received a reply to my email, so I went back to attempt again to activate the plugin in WordPress. This time it accepted my ClickBank order number and activated the plugin.

Before you buy PopUpDomination consider the following:

  • The base package includes 7 CUSTOMIZABLE TEMPLATES with 3 or 4 bullet points of text.
  • Some templates let you include an IMAGE.
  • All of the templates include a space for someone to include a NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS. The name box can be deleted if you don’t want it, but there’s no place to include any other fields.
  • The program ONLY provides popups (a box that appears on TOP of the webpage). Some viewers will just view the popover as clutter on the screen and immediately close the popup. However, it has been proven that many others will consider signing up for whatever you’re giving them because of the popup.
  • You CAN determine when the popup appears.
  • You must MANUALLY enter your html code from your autoresponder (Autoresponders are tools which help automate the process of communicating by email. Click here to read more about the role of autoresponders as an email marketing tool.)
  • There might be other customizable features under the tab “Advanced”, but I couldn’t access those features because I encountered an ERROR that read, “Could not save settings due to verification problems. Please try again.”
  • I also received an ERROR message when I tried to preview the popup. I couldn’t correct these problems because I never got a response to my request for help. You’ll have to decide how important responsive support is to you.
  • The rest of the templates look to be quite useful and easy to customize.
  • Your purchase currently includes Optin Domination (which shows up as Sidebar Domination under your WordPress Settings tab). This allows subscribers to enter a name and email address directly on your website rather than on a popup. Initially you only receive 1 TEMPLATE for this feature.

UPDATE: There is a new and improved version that is now available. It includes:

  • Campaigns— you can use different popups on different pages.
  • Analytics— you can measure the performance of your popups.
  • A/B Testing— you can test the effectiveness of your popups by comparing versions.
  • New themes— a bunch of new themes plus a FREE video theme!

You can try it risk free for 60 days.

PopUpDominationhas been proven to help build email lists by over 300%. If you think popups are a good idea, you should give it a closer look. However, if the drawbacks I mention here are a concern to you, or if you’d like to use other tools to create an additional kind of opt in form and build your list, check out the following reviews:

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