Are you using your WordPress blog to build a list of subscribers with whom you can build a relationship?

I hope you are.

Have you put an opt in form on your blog so visitors can subscribe to your newsletter?

I hope you have.

But there’s another method of building your email marketing list that you should consider.

(NOTES: If you haven’t yet set up a money-making blog with WordPress, check out WordPress Setup – Ten Steps to Blogging Profits.

I’m assuming you understand the value of building an email marketing list. If you’re still unsure about that, you might want to first read, Opt In Form | Build Your List.

Also note that this is a review..)

I have reviewed several helpful WordPress plugins that allow you to put an opt in form on your blog in at least one place. They can all dramatically boost the size and effectiveness of your email opt in list. To see reviews on the other plugins, look to the right under CATEGORIES and find Opt In Form. Or you can scroll down to the bottom of this post. OptinComments, though, is different from the other plugins in this category. It doesn’t create an opt in form.


OptinComments combines the comment form of a WordPress blog with an email subscription form. The plugin publishes the comments while it sends the information to your email autoresponder. You can capture all prospects who leave a comment, giving you a chance to reward your readers and build stronger relationships with them. Commenting on blogs is a growing trend. OptinComments allows you to capture that momentum.

This email opt in tool is not a popup, popunder, or popover, or an in-line opt in form. Instead, it encourages visitors to opt in to your mailing list in order to leave a comment on your site. While many visitors to your site might:

  • QUICKLY close a popup
  • HATE confirming that yes, they really do want to leave your page
  • IGNORE the email opt in form in your sidebar…

A large number of visitors won’t think twice about registering in order to leave a comment. Most of the time an email address just sits in the SQL Database of WordPress doing NOTHING! A potential hyper-responsive email list forever unrealized!

That can change with the use of OptinComments. This is the chance to email people who ACTIVELY communicate with you and are proven to respond to what you have to say.

This plugin comes with a video tutorial to show you how to set it up to work with your autoresponder (software that allows you to automate correspondence with a list of contacts via email). I was able to follow the instructions easily, and I got OptinComments set up with Aweber, the autoresponder I use. I tested the comments, and I immediately received my comment via email. However, the email address I entered in order to leave my comment didn’t show up in my Aweber list as a subscriber. I couldn’t figure out why, so I contacted support to get some help.

(NOTE ABOUT GETTING SUPPORT: After you purchase the plugin, you’ll receive a link to a page with video instructions. Love that! At the bottom of the page, though, is a “Support” link. While that seems to be broken at the this time, the link that reads, “Click Here to Report a Bug” does lead to a page that will allow you to request support.)

I received a reply in less than 24 hours. That part was great. However, it’s been several weeks now, and I still haven’t been able to get the plugin to work correctly on my blog. I love the concept, though. Apparently my issues are not the norm, so you may find it works perfectly.

Keep in mind when considering OptinComments:

  • You’ll have to spend about half an hour setting it up with your autoresponder information based on the clear video instructions.
  • You may want to also have a tool that allows visitors to subscribe to your list directly from a form on your website or from a popup or popunder or lightbox. OptinComments doesn’t provide that.
  • The plugin gives you the option of allowing those who comment on your web to CHOOSE to subscribe to your newsletter. It also has the option of doing it AUTOMATICALLY. The problem with the automatic method is that people will subscribe unknowingly, which can get you into some trouble, or at least reduce the effectiveness of your list. If you choose to go that route, be sure your first email to them explains that they got there from making a comment and gives them a clear opportunity to unsubscribe if they don’t wish to receive your newsletter or broadcasts.
  • OptinComments may not work with all WordPress themes. I ended up using the free Aweber Web From to allow those who comment on my blog to subscribe by choice.
  • Getting this plugin to work with your system may require some perseverance on your part. But you can try it risk free for 60 days. ClickBank has a reliable refund policy.

OptinComments is currently selling for a special introductory price of $57.

If OptinComments doesn’t provide the opt in form you’re looking for,

or if you’d like to add other email marketing tools to your toolbox,

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