Aweber Web Formis aFREEWordPress plugin designed to help you easily put a subscribeopt informin your sidebaron your website. It also allows you to put a subscription option in yourcommentssection. This makes it easier for a visitor to easily sign up to receive updates from you through a newsletter or one-time email broadcasts.There are several free plugins that do something similar, but this is the EASIEST I’ve found.

(NOTES: If you haven’t yet set up a money-making blog with WordPress, check outWordPress Setup – Ten Steps to Blogging Profits.

I’m assuming you understand the value of building an email marketing list. If you’re still unsure about that, you might want to first read,Opt In Form | Build Your List.)

If you’re wondering why I recommendAweber’s autoresponder for email marketing, click here.

STEP 1: Go to Aweber. (Create an account if you haven’t already done so.)

  • Create a list (for example, “MyBlogSubscribers1″).
  • Create a web form for the sidebar widget (for example, “MyBlogSubscribersFromSidebar). SeeAweber tutorialsfor how to do this. (Note: Be sure to click on “Remove Text When Clicked” option when you edit each field of the web form you make.”)

STEP 2: Go to your WordPress admin panel.

  • Find thePluginssection on the left side of the page.
  • Click “Add New“.
  • In the search box type in “Aweber Web Form.”
  • Alternately, you can get detailed installation instructions by clicking here.
  • Installit, thenactivateit. You’ll need to add your Aweber login information to get your activation code.You’ll be taken to a page with an authorization code (it will be a long string of characters) – simply highlight it and copy it to your clipboard. Back in your WordPress account, just paste the authorization code into the space provided and click the “Make Connection” button.
  • Under “Settings” determine your choices for how the opt in option will appear near your comments section.
  • On the left side of your WordPress admin page look for “Appearance” and then “Widgets“.
  • Dragthe Aweber Web Form to your sidebar.
  • From the dropdown menuchoose a listthat you’ve already created in Aweber.
  • From the dropdown menuchoose a web formthat you’ve already created in Aweber.
  • Testit. Preview a page or post in your blog. Enter your name and email.

Aweber offers these steps invideoform if you want to see it.

STEP 3: Go back to Aweber.

  • Set up yourfirst follow-up emailthat basically thanks the visitor for subscribing. You can also offer a free thank-you gift in this email.

While this SUBSCRIPTION WIDGET is one good way to add subscribers to your email list, some people don’t notice sidebar information when they are reading your posts. So…

I recommend you consideradding another optin web formfrom Aweber as apopover(lightbox)on your blog post. One way to do this is by adding one of Aweber’s HOVER web forms. My personal preference is to use these sparingly, however, and only to provide an additional opportunity to to subscribe to my newsletter. I find them annoying and sometimes I will just leave a webpage with a popup or popover. I suspect others may react the same way. Learn more about popovers, popunders, and popups here.

STEP 1: Go to Aweber.

  • Choose the listyou created earlier (for example, “MyBlogSubscribers1″).
  • Create a popoverweb formfor the foot of your page (for example, “MyBlogSubscribersFromFooter). SeeAweber tutorial videofor an overview of how to do this. (Note: Be sure to click on “Remove Text When Clicked” option when you edit each field of the web form you make.”)
  • You can change a lot of thesettingsfor the popover you create. Here are the settings I suggest you use to start. You can always adjust them to your own preferences.

Form Type–Lightbox

(Click “Advanced”)

Display Options: Fade In. Just a preference.

Delay: 45 seconds – I think that by then the visitor has read enough of my post to know if my information is relevant and helpful. Much earlier and it’s just an annoying barrier to reading the page. You can try different settings.

Recurrence: Display Once. I usually find popups and popoversintrusive and close them immediately. I don’t want to annoy my readers. I use the lightbox (popover) as a reminder. There are other places on the page which also allow a visitor to become a subscriber.

Dimensions– 500 pixels wide. Don’t go over 600.

  • Now your Aweber lightbox is complete you canpreviewwhat it will look like. If you are not happy click on the form name and you can go and change any options you wish.
  • Saveand Go to Step 3.
  • Click on I WillInstall My Form
  • Copythe entire Javascript Snippet.

STEP 2: Go to your WordPress admin panel.

  • Click on theAppearancetab then clickWidgets.
  • Find thetext widgetand drag it into your sidebar. (It may say sidebar or sidebar right / left depending on your theme.)
  • Click the drop down arrow andpaste your Aweber Javascript codeinto the empty box. Leave title empty.
  • ClickSaveat the bottom of the text widget, then Close.
  • Testyour lightbox. Preview a page or post in your site. You will need toclear the cookiesin your browser every time you make a change to your lightbox and then test it.

STEP 3: Go back to Aweber.

  • Set up yourfirst follow-up emailthat basically thanks the visitor for subscribing. You can also offer a free thank-you gift in this email. You can copy and paste the same first follow-up email that you created for the sidebar widget optin web form.

If you like these, you may wish to also investigate the free plugin:AWeber Footer SlideUp. I haven’t used it. If you have, leave a comment and let us know how it worked for you.

The advantage of these plugins is that they don’t cost you anything. I use the Aweber Web Form plugin for my comments because it’s the only one I could get to work properly with my theme. However, the advantage of Digi List Builder, which I use primarily, is that the opt in forms are integrated. That means that when someone subscribes to your email list through one of the opt in options on your site, all of the opt in forms disappear. This rewards your visitors with a more pleasant browsing experience.

While these are good, FREE, ways to help visitors subscribe to your blog, you may be interested in other options.There are other powerful WordPressplugins to help you create at least oneopt in formfor your blog.

Please check out my honest reviews of otheremail opt inpluginsthat can help youincrease the size and effectiveness of your opt in email list.

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