Market Samurai Discount – 35%

Market Samurai Discount – How to Get It

Do you have a website? Would you like more people to see it? How will you get people to visit your website (build traffic)?

  • You can pay for ads to let people know about your site.
  • You can get ranked on Google’s first page for free with attention to SEO.
  • You can share your site through social networking.

No matter what, though, before you do any of these things, you need to do some keyword research, especially if you want to use your website to make extra money online.

George Brown gives an excellent tutorial on getting this right in Google Sniper 2.0. See my review of GSniper 2 here. George uses just the Google Adwords Keyword Research tool to help him find great keywords to use to get his sniper sites ranked in Google.

Market Samurai is a a tool that takes the Google keyword tool information and makes it even easier to interpret. I USE IT. I LOVE IT. Click on the video to see Market Samuari in action and to learn the 4 UNBREAKABLE rules of SEO keyword research!

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