Legit Work From Home Jobs-Translation

If you are fluent in at least 2 languages, especially if one of those languages is English, you can find a home-based job as a translator.

Here are some companies offering legit work from home jobs for translators.

This list is based on others’ recommendations since I haven’t personally worked for the following companies. Please do your own research before deciding which company might best meet your needs.

Please check each website to see which companies are currently hiring and what qualifications they require before you apply.


Foreign Exchange Translations (Minimum requirements include 3 years of experience as a professional linguist, native speaker of the language you are translating into, specialization in medical, financial, technical or web translations, and completion of test translation with above-average results)

Gongwell Services (Applicants must have minimum 3 years translation experience, good communication and organizational skills, advanced level in Office (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and have fast internet access)


Lingo24 (Translators must have an internationally recognised translator’s qualification (from a body such as the ITI or IOL in the UK, or the American Translators’ Association, or their own country’s equivalent) and have at least five years professional experience)

Linguistic Systems Inc (must have at least two years of translation experience, a degree from an accredited university)


Language Services Associates (must possess native fluency in both English and a foreign language)


SDL International (minimum of 2 years freelance translation experience or 1 year in-house translation experience required)

Technovate Translations (3 years industry experience required)

Tolingo (a degree in languages and/or translation, or a degree in another academic field with extensive experience and professional accreditation required)



Translation Central

Translators Cafe

Translators Town (all languages)

Trans Quotation

Trusted Translations

World Lingo

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