Legit Work From Home Jobs-Microjobs

Microjobs are small tasks that can be completed quickly. For example, you might comment on an article, answer a question, “like” something on Facebook or make a comment. These jobs might pay just a few cents, but you can do a large number of them in an hour. Other jobs are a bit more involved and pay more. For example, you might translate something, write a review, test a website, or write an article. You can do online researching, data entry, and editing. Be sure you choose jobs that you can do well and easily. If you are provided with examples of the work requested, be sure to study them before doing the job.

By the way, if instead you pursue internet marketing, you’ll find these places good ones for outsourcing some of your tasks.

While I haven’t personally worked for the following companies, I offer this list to you based on others’ recommendations. Of course, you need to do as much research as you can after you narrow down which options you think would work better for your own situation.

You’ll also need to check each one to see which ones are currently hiring and what qualifications they require. Most require good communication skills. A good command of English may be necessary. And some will require you have or get special equipment or extensive training.

Here are some companies offering legit work from home jobs in a variety of positions or for a variety of tasks:

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

Click Worker

Cloud Crowd

Crowd Tap

Hire My Mom

Idea Offer

Micro Workers

Naming Force

Squad Help

Working Sol

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