Legit Work From Home Jobs-Clerical

Here are some companies offering legitimate home-based clerical jobs, including data entry as well as virtual assistant jobs:

A virtual assistant is a remote secretary or administrative assistant. Responsibilities might include anything from simple letter-drafting to managing a sales staff. A virtual assistant focuses on all the details that others are too busy to do themselves. Virtual Assistants should have experience with office administration and have a home office available. Your ability to get a job and your pay will be determined by your professionalism, dependability, accuracy, and productivity.

While I haven’t personally worked for the following companies, I offer this list to you based on others’ recommendations. Of course, you need to do your own research to narrow down which options you think would best work for your own situation.

You’ll also need to check each website to see which ones are currently hiring and what qualifications they require. You will likely need good communication skills, especially in English.

AssistantMatch (virtual assistant)

Axion Data Services (data entry)

Capital Typing (virtual assistant)

Caption Colorado(realtime captioners who translate video into text “on the fly”)

Dion Data Services (data entry)

Hire My Mom (virtual assistant)

Keene Team (virtual assistant)

Key For Cash (data entry)

Motion Temps (virtual assistant)

On Point @ Home (virtual assistant)

Simply Virtual (virtual assistant)

Team Double Click (virtual assistant)

The Appointment Biz (virtual assistant)

Virtual Customer Support (virtual assistant)

Virtual Office Temps (virtual assistant)

Vitac (realtime captioners who translate video into text “on the fly”)

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