Income Genesis – Created by Adeel Chowdhry

Adeel Chowdhry – Who is he and should you consider his Income Genesis?

Adeel Chowdhry, a well-known Internet Marketer from the United Kingdom. Like most of us, Adeel has also been through some very tough moments in life. He worked for companies including McDonald’s, Warehouse, DHL and at an insurance company, but he always wanted to do something big on his own.

At 16 Adeel Chowdry finished his high school. Not quite sure what course to pursue in his higher education, he lacked direction and dedication. With little hope of being consistent in his studies, he moved on to join Kingston University, but lasted for only 6 months. After a lot of efforts and struggle, Adeel eventually landed in Internet Marketing, and went on to become extremely successful. He created products, worked on JV (joing venture) projects and is now considered to be one of the recognized faces in the industry.

Adeel Chowdhry – Problem Solver

As an internet marketer, Adeel never concentrated on one niche or one area of internet marketing. He has worked on various products to resolve problems faced by many of us who are seeking to make extra money online. Some of his most profitable products include – Get Google Ads Free Videos, Instant Software Profits, Sales Letters Creators, etc. Profitable does not always mean helpful for everyone, however. So, I’ll be looking at this one closely to let you know if I think it would help you.

His latest offer to those of us who want to earn money working from home is called Income Genesis. It’s being released tomorrow, October 24. I’ll be getting my copy as soon as possible and then writing a complete, honest review.

UPDATE: You can get my initial review by clicking here.

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