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GSniper 2 – What is it and do you need it?

Here’s my real review of GSniper 2. Why should my thoughts about it matter? There are lots of reviews of this internet marketing strategy on the internet. Well, I’m telling you the pros and cons I experience because I use Google Sniper 2.

Note that this is a review. If you’re looking for the GSniper 2 website then click here. (Though you might want to keep reading to find out about the bonus I’m offering to those who purchase Google Sniper 2.0 through my link.)

Why Am I Writing This Review?

When I first started looking into how to work from home I rather quickly decided that affiliate marketing was the best approach for me. But I was totally overwhelmed by how much information I needed to understand: CPA,SEO, PPC, PPV, WordPress, web hosting, email marketing, etc. As soon as I dipped my toes into the water of internet marketing I felt like I was treading water in a fast flowing river.

I really am trying to make it easier for you than it was for me. I already have reviewed many resources for you and will post them soon. And I have many tips and tool recommendations planned for the future. I suggest you subscribe to my newsletter so you can make sure to get the latest. I won’t overwhelm you with emails, I promise!

This post will interest you if:

  • You are interested in affiliate marketing and want an effective but easier way to get started quickly, or
  • You are already an affiliate marketer and want to expand your business.

So, what exactly is GSniper 2?

GSniper 2 (Google Sniper 2.0) is the strategy made famous by George Brown back in 2009 – updated and expanded for 2011.

The system helps you, from start to finish, create sniper sites (mini-websites) in about 2 hours each. (Well, the first one will take you longer because you’re going through the tutorials to learn how to do it.) The whole system is based on getting those pages ranked so they appear on Google’s first page when your keyword is typed. Each site is built around a single keyword. You zoom in your focus on that keyword (and related keywords), enabling your site to get high rankings on Google WITHOUT HAVING TO PAY FOR TRAFFIC.This is an especially useful approach for those who are just beginning to make extra money online and may not have a budget for advertising costs.

The program focuses on 2 things: getting you traffic and getting conversions. George explains his perfected strategy for getting these for FREE andWITHOUT HAVING TO BUILD BACKLINKS. (Though GSniper 2 does show you some quick and effective ways to build backlinks in case you wish to do so.)

When I began to research how to earn money working from home, it didn’t take me too many days to discover I was really afraid of advertising costs and having to build backlinks to a website! With George’s strategy you can avoid those two things and still make good money. Google Sniper is about building a site once and then letting it pay you around $300-$600/month for months or years to come.

Click here if you just can’t wait to see GSniper 2 for yourself. Or keep reading and learn about the bonus I’m offering for anyone who buys GSniper 2 through my link.

This approach is different from the concept of blogging for profit. The site you’re on, /, is an authority site. I’m spending some time every day to give you work from home ideas and keep you updated on the best options for building a home-based business.

Google Sniper, on the other hand, is about creating several small websites that don’t need to be updated. Both are useful and serve different purposes. If you’re just starting, though, GSniper 2 will get you up and running quickly and with step-by-step instructions. This is a great system if you want to be taught the fundamentals of using keywords to make search engines rank your page high. It is also a useful system if you are involved in internet marketing already and want to expand your income streams.

What you get:

  • The Google Sniper system
  • Easy to follow step by step instructions in both written and video form. Topics include:
    • How to pick a winning niche and product and get a review copy of the product
    • Finding keywords that meet the sniper criteria
    • Creating the foundations of your sniper site
    • How to make more money by preselling
    • The fastest way to cloak affiliate links
    • How to create your site
    • How to get ranked and gain authority in record time
  • Live Case Study Walkthrough – Watch over the shoulder instructions on how to use it (This is optional, but very helpful unless you’re already familiar with internet marketing.)
  • Traffic Ultimatum – Additional training on how to make your Google Sniper websites (or any website) even more effective (an optional upgrade, but one you should definitely consider).

Some products out there offer upgrades (up-sells) that are not worth the cost. However, I bought all the upgrades on this package, and I’m glad I did. There are additional instructions on how to build an email mailing list and how to outsource some of the process.

To get the most out of the course, read the manual and watch the videos all the way through. Then go back and walk through the steps one by one.No system will have you raking in loads of cash tomorrow – well, no honest one. Instead, if you are willing to learn how to use the incredible tool of the internet and are willing to put some time into carefully setting up sniper sites, then this program is for you.

I use Gsniper 2 not only to create sniper sites, but also to help me get each post and page of my blogs ranked higher in search engines. Some websites say this product is a scam because of how it is promoted, but they don’t actually review the product itself. GSniper 2 isn’t a fad system, but one that will teach you some of the most important fundamentals of internet marketing. And, one thing that’s important to me, there is very good support if you need it. I definitely recommend it.

The only drawback to this program is that it will take you several days to go through it all. (Well, that is positive, too, because you will learn a great deal!) But remembering all you learn will be very important. GSniper 2 helps you understand, generally, the world of Google – using websites to make extra money online. But mostly, it’s a specific formula that really needs to be followed carefully if you want FREE traffic. Memorizing and applying all of George’s material could be a challenge, though important since you’ll want to set up dozens of sniper sites.

Because of this challenge, I created a GSniper 2 Cheat Sheet. It’s a 13-page PDF document that I use as a checklist whenever I create a new sniper site. I also use it as a checklist whenever I create a new post or page for this blog. If you are one of the first 30 people to buy GSniper 2 from my link, I’ll gladly send you the downloadable BONUS for FREE.

Click here for INSTRUCTIONS on how to get your FREE GSNIPER 2 BONUS.

Click here to visit the official GSniper 2 website.

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