GSniper 2 Bonus

How to Get Your FREE GSniper 2 BONUS

Since you’re on this page I assume you’re interested in purchasing the latest creation from internet marketing wonder George Brown. If you aren’t sure, then make sure you check out my in-depth review of GSniper 2 (Google Sniper 2.0) here.

So, if you’re seeing this page, then THERE ARE STILL SLOTS AVAILABLE to buy GSniper 2 through my link and receive your really helpful bonus.

If you’ve been around internet marketing very long, you’re probably aware that a lot of people offer bonuses for you to purchase a product through their link. Many of those ‘bonuses” are not at all helpful.

But, if you’re looking for something that you can really use, and that’s really free…

Then you’ll want to get my GOOGLE SNIPER CHEAT SHEET. George Brown gives you over 100 pages and many videos of terrific step-by-step guides on how to create great, profitable sniper sites. But do you want to have to go through the training course every time you set up a website to make sure you got everything right? (And the steps are really important.) Well, I didn’t! That’s why I created this 13-page cheat sheet for myself. It’s a check list I use every time I make a sniper site or add a post or page to my authority site. And if you buy GSniper 2 through my link, you can have it too.

So, how do I get GSniper 2 and my bonus?

It’s simple. In order to receive my GOOGLE SNIPER CHEAT SHEET all you have to do is this (which takes 10 seconds):

Step #1

Go to your internet browser’s settings and select “Delete Cookies”. (For instance, on Internet Explorer 8, you would go to Tools, then Internet Options, then in the General tab look for Browsing History – Delete, then make sure Cookies is checked. Click Delete and OK.) Don’t worry, it won’t delete your saved passwords or website history – just other people’s tracking codes.

Step #2

Buy GSniper 2 using my link below and make sure that at the bottom of the payment page it says [affiliate = m2j2yager] – that’s my affiliate ID.

Order GSniper 2 Here to Receive the Bonus Package

Step #3

Use the CONTACT US page on this site to send me your order receipt, and I’ll email you your bonus.

Best wishes!