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Email Marketing Tools – Priority #1 is to Choose a Good Autoresponder

An autoresponder automates email correspondence. It sends an email or a series of email messages to a list of recipients based on a schedule you choose.

Check out the following short video to better understand what it can do:

Who should have an autoresponder?

You should have an autoresponder email marketing tool if you are a business or individual looking to:

  • market a product or series of products, whether your own or someone else’s
  • offer a service and want to keep customers informed about what you offer
  • provide information on an ongoing basis.

Points to consider:

  • Learning to use an autoresponder will take a little time.
  • Learning to use it effectively will take a bit more time.
  • Building a responsive email list will take even more time. (Though there are ways to speed up the process. See all my reviews on WordPress newsletter plugins coming soon.)

Even though Aweber is not the cheapest email marketing tool available, it is almost always the autoresponder I recommend because:

  • You can easily create professional newsletters or ad campaigns.
  • It’s easy to create great looking signup (optin) forms.
  • You can easily create in advance a series of followup emails to send to a list and tell Aweber when to send them.
  • You can easily create sublists. This is great if you want to send message 1 to Group B and message 2 to Group C when both Group B and Group C are part of a larger Group A. For example, you can search for people who haven’t opened your emails in the last month, then immediately send a broadcast (1 time email) message to that group.
  • You can easily have many different lists and email campaigns going at the same time. This is important if you are an affiliate marketer and want an email marketing tool to use with various niches and products.
  • You can automatically create emails from your latest blog posts.
  • You can easily copy emails and edit them, even from one subscriber list to another.
  • An expert analyzer helps you make sure your emails won’t be viewed as spam by the recipient.
  • Aweber automatically removes unsubscribes and undeliverable addresses.
  • Many email autoresponders charge based on how many emails you send per month. Aweber charges based on the number of subscribers. So if you send updates weekly or biweekly it will end up being more cost effective.
  • Aweber has excellent delivery rates. If you send emails directly to your email list, most of the time your email will end up in someone’s SPAM folder unless the recipients have requested otherwise. Aweber is “whitelisted,” which means that the emails you send through them end up in someone’s INBOX. In fact, this happens 99% of the time, the highest rate in the industry.
  • AWeber provides very detailed reports for each email so you can track their effectiveness.
  • Aweber has a WordPress newsletter plugin which allows visitors to your website to subscribe to your list automatically.
  • You can try Aweber for $1 for 30 days.


  • Aweber has great customer service! (This is very important to me.)

For more information look at this quick read AWeber At A Glance Guide.There is one drawback to Aweber’s autoresponder email marketing tool. You have to create 2 versions of an email. One in HTML (the basic building-blocks of webpages and interactive emails) and one in plain text for people who have HTML email messages disabled. In Aweber, the HTML version you create (which is very easy to do) doesn’t automatically produce a plain text version. It would be somewhat more convenient if it did. However, it isn’t difficult to just copy and paste from the html version to the plain text version and make any minor adjustments that you wish.THERE IS ONE EXCEPTION to my recommendation of Aweber as an autoresponder. This applies if you are a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. Many autoresponders will give discounts to non-profit organizations, but rates vary considerably. For example, here are the current prices given to non-profit organizations by these top autoresponders.

250 subscribers$14.25$9.00$6.75$10.50
500 subscribers$14.25$9.00$9.50$10.50
1000 subscribers$21.75$14.00$12.90$21.00
2500 subscribers$21.75$14.00$19.72$21.00
5000 subscribers$36.75$22.50$31.95$35.00

GetResponse, iContact, and ConstantContact all offer great services. But their customer service can’t compare to that of Aweber. (I’ve tested their response time to my emails.) Like I said, customer service is very important to me. However, because non-profit organizations may need to be particularly concerned about costs, working with GetResponse may be the way to go for those groups.

To hear from others who highly recommend Aweber’s email marketing tools, check out this video:

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