What is Forex and How Does This Operate?

What is the largest financial market in the world, where over $4 trillion worth of transactions take place each and every day, and gets very little press? If you figured: that the currency marketplace , or foreign exchange then you are right! Do Not Forget! Currency trading involves significant risk of loss and isn’t suitable…(Continue Reading)

Legit Work From Home Jobs-Translation

If you are fluent in at least 2 languages, especially if one of those languages is English, you can find a home-based job as a translator. Here are some companies offering legit work from home jobs for translators. This list is based on others’ recommendations since I haven’t personally worked for the following companies. Please…(Continue Reading)

Legit Work From Home Jobs-Transcription

Transcription jobs require you to create and edit typed copies of reports. Medical and legal transcription jobs will also require you to have specific knowledge in that field. Before you apply for a transciptionist job, you need to check your ten-key typing speed and your keyboard typing speed. Click here to check your speed for…(Continue Reading)

Legit Work From Home Jobs-Telemarketing

Are you able to develop qualified leads and appointments? Do you have excellent communication and time management skills? Do you have a reliable, strong work ethic and ability to work independently? Do you have a business background and good computer skills? Do you enjoy talking to strangers on the phone? Then you may interested in…(Continue Reading)

Legit Work From Home Jobs-Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a way for researchers to judge how well stores are serving customers. A mystery shopper is someone who visits an establishment, such as a retail store, restaurant, bank, or hospital. The shopper may make purchases or simply evaluate customer service. For example, if a checkout line is too long, a mystery shopper…(Continue Reading)

Legit Work From Home Jobs-Health Care

Here are some companies offering legit work from home jobs for experienced professionals interested in providing health care. Not every nurse or doctor needs to work in private practice or at a health care facility. There is a growing demand for health care providers who can work independently from home. Do you have previous experience…(Continue Reading)