All In One Viral Toolkit – User Review

All In OneViral Toolkit – Should You Get It?

(Note that this is a review. If you’re looking for theAll In One Viral Toolkit website, click here.)

If you’ve taken some time to set up your WordPress blog or any kind of website, then your next step is to get interested visitors and turn as many as possible into purchasers and loyal followers. This is one of the most challenging aspects of internet marketing.How do you get ready-to-buy people to see your work?

There are actually many ways to go about it, but the methods to promote your site can mostly be put into two categories:advertisingandword-of-mouthpromotion. It’s the same with any business, product, or service.

I’ve recently begun using a WordPress plugin that excels in helping you encourage people topromote your site for you. It also helps you turn new visitors into potentially loyal followers by helping you build your email list.(Click here to learn more about how to build your email list). This plugin is theAll In One Viral Toolkit.

(Note:If you haven’t yet started your blog,click here to discoverWordPress Setup – 10 Steps To Blogging Profits.)

Why Am I Writing This Review?

A few months ago I purchased this WordPress plugin to help me encourage my blog visitors to sign up for my newsletter. If that’s all it did, it would have been enough. But after going through all the step-by-step tutorials I discovered that it does much, much more!

The creator of thisInstaMagic Pluginfor WordPress has created something that:

  • really is “all in one” because it does a LOT of things,
  • is “viral” because it encourages word-of-mouth sharing of your blog and your Facebook fan pages,
  • works like magic because it’s effective without being annoying.

The All-In-One Viral Toolkit will interest you if:

  • You want to expand your presence on the web by easily creating a Facebook fan page
  • You want to create Facebook fan pages for top-paying clients
  • You want an effective way to build your email marketing list
  • You want to encourage your visitors to promote your blog for you
  • You want to easily add YouTube videos to your blog without sending the visitor to YouTube, away from your site.
  • You want to create an exit popup to encourage visitors to stay on your site.

So, what exactly is The All-In-One Viral Toolkit?

It’s an all-in-one marketing solution for WordPress and Facebook Fan Pages and includes 6 modules. Check out the video overview or keep reading for the details. If you need to pause the video, just click on it.

1 – Facebook Fan Page Builder and Manager

While your personal facebook page isn’t designed to allow for marketing, a Facebook Fan Page is. By following the detailed step-by-step instructions the All In One Viral Toolkit plugin allows you tocreate professional-quality Facebook fan pages, even if you have never heard of a fan page.

You can use Facebook as a way todrive traffic to your main money-making site. You can easily duplicate posts or pages from your WordPress blog to add to your fan page. (The site you create on Facebook is called a page even if you have multiple pages on your page.) However, you don’t need to reproduce your whole site. Make your fan page interesting enough that visitors will then get interested in your offer. You can then give them a direct link to your blog, or drive them to a squeeze page first where they can give you an email address.

But the All-in-One Viral Toolkit doesn’t just let youmake unlimited fan pagesfor yourself. You canmake them for your clientsusing only one WordPress installation. Don’t have any clients? This is a good way to get some!

One note. In October 2011 Facebook began requiring that apps that produce fan pages must provide a secure browsing experience by providing a SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. You may wish to review your options for getting an SSL certificate with your hosting company. Being able to make multiple fan pages using only one WordPress installation will enable you to save money by requiring only one SSL certificate.

If you’d like to go ahead and visit the All In One Viral Toolkit sales page. Unlike most sales pages, this one is actually packed full of really useful information about what this plugin does. It’s full of great screen shots that give you a good idea of what you get.

2 – Viral Chaining Toolset

Viral Chaining with the All In One Viral Toolkit is a feature that encourages your blog posts or Facebook fan pages to be shared by word-of-mouth(well, actually by word-of-click). The idea is that you hide some bit of great content (text, links, images, or a video) until readers click a LIKE button or a SEND button to let their Facebook friends know about your page. TheSEND Buttonallows users to easily send content to specific friends. TheLIKE Buttonallows users to share content with all of their friends. You choose which button you want them to click. After the LIKE or SEND button is clicked, the hidden content is revealed.

Further down the page you might add aGoogle +1/Reveal, which hides some content until the visitor clicks on the Google +1 button. Getting people to click the Google +1 button will boost your ranking in Google.

And further still you can add theComments/Reveal which hides something great until the visitor makes a comment. These hide/reveal options encourage the reader to share your page with others while at the same time getting to see the next section. Chaining these hide/reveal sections together is a great way to make your page go viral as long as your are presenting very compelling content. You probably don’t want to do this on every page or post you make. But I recommend you use it on some of them.

3 – List Building Squeeze Pages

The All In One Viral Toolkit also allows you toeasilycreate great-looking squeeze pageson both your WordPress site and your Facebook fan page. Building squeeze pages is a dependable way to build your email list. You give away something, or sell something, and in exchange a visitor gives you an email address. What you do with the address after you get it will determine whether or not the person remains very long on your list. But if you continue to provide great value through email newsletters and one-time broadcasts, you potentially have the ability to market products to that one visitor many times over.

I have reviewed several WordPress plugins which help you build your email list. You can see that the All In One Viral Toolkit is one of the best.

All In One Viral Toolkit – User ReviewVisit Site
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4 – Monetization Toolset

With a fan page Facebook can become a place tomarket products or services. With the All In One Viral Toolkit you can quickly create product review pages with text and/or video. Or you can add small banner ads like you can on your WordPress blog.

You can use Facebook fan pages asstand-alone money-makers. You could use it as your main money-making site and drive your traffic to the fan page. Even though youcando this, I recommend you use Facebook to generate more interest for your main money-making blog. While getting your content in front of Facebook users can generate traffic and social “buzz,” which is important for SEO, Facebook users are not necessarily on Facebook to buy something. So, depending on what you’re marketing, you’ll probably find you’ll want to use this to add to your already growing traffic generated from search engines. Basically theAll In One Viral Toolkitallows you toreach BOTH audiences. You determine where you want them to eventually land.

5 – Simple Video Pro

This is a feature I really like. All-in-One Viral Toolkit allows you to quickly embed videos on your site withbeautiful and captivating video playersthat keeps the video you want, but gets rid of the links and toolbar you don’t. This is a great way to keep your visitors on your site when you want to show a YouTube video. Did you notice I used it on this page?

6 – No Exit Pro for WordPress

This module is designed tokeep visitors on your site longerby displaying a popover on your WordPress page or post whenever a visitor tries to leave your site. It works just fine, but this is the only All In One Viral Toolkit module I don’t use. Click here to read more about my opinion of popups, popunders, and popovers.

Even though I don’t use this final module, I have used all the others. Can you find where I’ve used them on my blog so far?Take a look at the Facebook Fan Page I created with this blog.If you like it, please click the LIKE button.

The Best Thing About the All In One Viral Toolkit

I haven’t even mentioned the best thing about this internet marketing tool. It’s designed by a very clever fellow, Nick LaPolla, who offersunparalleled support! I asked a lot of questions using the help desk and each one was answered quickly. I asked Nick if some changes could be made to the plugin; most of them were done in record time. When Facebook changed their security requirements and WordPress was updated, theAll In One Viral Toolkitwas quickly updated, too. Professional!

What Would I Change About the All In One Viral Toolkit?

Not much! There are a couple of little tweaks that I hope Nick will add to the plugin in the future. I’d like to see a feature that allows a blog visitor to choose which button to click (Twitter, Like, Send, Google +1) in order to see hidden content. I would like the Facebook fan pages to underline links the same way that WordPress automatically does it. Are these deal-breakers? No way. This is a WordPress plugin that isdefinitely worth the price. I paid $57 for all this. What a deal! If you hurry you may still be able to get it for that before it’s promoted through ClickBank.

I definitely recommend you get theAll In One Viral Toolkitand set aside a few hours to explore all the possibilities for you and your clients.

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